Launching our innovative and award-winning range of Innovex Fence Feet

November 20th, 2018


We are proud to launch our innovative and award-winning range of Innovex Fence Feet products to support temporary fencing. We have extensively researched the problems encountered on construction sites where temporary fencing is used. As such we have produced four unique versions of support. These are:

Big Foot :

For the main foot – All our feet are made fro 100% PVC cable regrind and are fully recyclable – making them sustainable and environmentally friendly.

Anti-Trip :

The Anti-Trip foot comprises 8 holes allowing 6 pieces of fencing to be connected and clamped together without any gaps between fence posts. Having the same profile as the Big Foot but with one edge being vertical, it allows the edge to sit tight to the bottom of the fence – virtually removing a trip risk where the public pass. If needed the Anti-Trip foot will fit tight against a wall.

Corner Foot :

For those awkward places, the Corner Foot is a ‘must’ for site work, street work, compounds, festivals and inner-city work where space is critical.

Little Foot/Ballast :

For extra ballast, we have the Little Foot which can be added to give extra weight by sitting neatly on top of our main supports, which means no need for a ballast support tray or sandbags, as the holes from each foot marry to the one below. All that is required to secure to the main fencing is a single post of the same diameter and clamp, leaving more workable space. It can also be used in conjunction with the Corner Foot for barrier fencing, i.e. working in the streets, allowing maximum working space.



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