Keeping Harrods ticking…

September 5th, 2020


Innovex Technologies Ltd were thrilled to have supplied Murray Utilities Ltd with our Pipe Pusher 800 on-site in London last month.

Crucial gas pipe replacement in such a busy location can be a very difficult challenge. Over 270 metres of 800mm underground gas pipe needed to be installed directly underneath Brompton Road in central London.

Our Pipe Pusher 800 enabled Murray Utilities Ltd to push 12 metres every 51 seconds with minimal disruption to the public. We’re so proud to provide such an ingenious, efficient and safe solution. Made even more special by being able to watch it in action in such a busy and prestigious location!

Thankfully, the fantastic capability of our large pusher, along with technical ability of the team at Murray Utilities Ltd meant no disruption to all those Harrods shoppers!

Click here to see the 800mm Pipe Pusher making easy work of Brompton Road!



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