Introducing the Innovex Prop Strut Lock

November 20th, 2018


Designed and manufactured by Johnson Utility Solutions (J.U.S.) Limited in the UK and distributed across the UK and Ireland by Innovex Limited, the Innovex Prop Strut Lock is designed to enhance safety and ease of installation of support props in shafts, manholes, and trenches.

The Innovex Prop Strut Lock is designed to work with industry standard ‘Acro’ with a support face plate of not more than 6” by 6” (150 mm by 150 mm) and similar strut props with a faceplate of 3” by 3” (75 mm by 75 mm).

For use with 9” by 3” (230 mm by 75 mm) support timers (walers), the Innovex Prop Strut Locks are supplied with 1.5 m long support chains and suspension hooks which are used to position the waler, using the correctly positioned Prop Strut Locks, in place against the side wall of the excavation. Multiple walers can be positioned using additional support hooks that are placed on the underside of the first waler, adjusting the chain length to give the vertical position of the next support waler.

Once the walers are positioned on both sides of the excavation, the distance between the walers is measured and the support props set up to the correct length.

Working from outside of the excavation to position the walers and Prop Strut Locks ensures the safety of the site crew against potential falls of the ground when working in an unsupported excavation.

Once the props set to the correct length are in place and positioned into the Innovex Prop Strut Locks using the positioning hooks provided, it is then safe for the workforce to enter the excavation to tighten the props to provide the desired level of support to any trench sheets or the surrounding ground.

Removal of the props once works are completed is achieved simply by reversing the process with the final removal again being from outside of the excavation ensuring the highest levels of workforce safety. End waler supports can also be provided, making excavation ends much safer.

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